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Don't choose between beauty and durability when it comes to garage doors for your home or business on the Gulf Coast.

Posted by Editor on November 10, 2022


Garage Doors & Installation

In recent years, designers have had to work around the practicalities of garage doors, but this does not have to be a sacrifice for your project. Garage Doors are an opportunity to create a focal point that embodies your home's precise architectural design and natural beauty.

You Have A Beautiful Home. Give your home the finishing touch it deserves with a customized garage door. With distinctive period styles, old-world design, and cutting-edge technology, it is possible to replicate beautiful period-style doors that complement both new construction and tasteful retrofitting. The outcome? A beautiful, custom-made door that adds a dramatic touch to your home.


Wooden Garage Doors

From the unique wood you select to the finishing and customization options, your door is unlike any other in the world. The Wood Collection by Carriage House Doors provides homeowners with the functionality of a contemporary residential garage door and a carriage-style frame that exudes Old World charm. Explore the collection to find a revived old aesthetic.


Composite Garage Doors | Storm Rated

Eden Coast understands that the finishing details of your home are unique and special. They proudly stand on the guiding principle, “If you can dream it, we can build it.” What sets them apart is their dedication to you. Their superior craftsmanship, innovative manufacturing, and finishing capabilities allow them to accomplish just about any architectural design you can dream of. They are committed to giving you the look you love without maintenance.

All of their composite overlays adhere to the steel sections with mechanical fasteners and a hot-melt glue system, and their design flexibility means there is virtually no design they cant do.



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